To the city of Bagnols, culture is everyone’s business above all and the City is dedicated to the development of programs and equipment which meet the expectations of the majority of the citizens of Bagnols.



Easy acces to culture

Media library, Ecole Municipale de Musique Agréée (Official Municipal School of Music), Museums, places of exhibition. During the year, the City works to make culture accessible to the greatest number of people, especially to the young. Numerous meetings are free or offer very attractive rates, the public library is free for those under 14, the Bagnolais can visit both municipal museums free of charge, every year two educational concerts are organized for the school children, children studying at the music school can attend all the City’s concerts free of charge….

Diverse and quality programs

While the City’s goal is to facilitate the access to culture, the quality and variety of these cultural acts are at all ignored, in fact just the opposite. Bagnols is modern in welcoming a resident artist-sculptor or by giving a multimedia space to the media library, specialized just like the BD Lounge (Comic Strip Lounge), the theater festival "Côté cour" (Stage left) or "Danse en Cèze" (Dance in Cèze), popular for the outdoor cinema sessions or the maxi-games day, even elitist occasionally for the chamber music festival, the Bagnols culture follows all current cultural currents.

Partnerships : keystones of the Bagnolais culture

Furthermore, the City is committed to large projects such as the expansion of the Léo-Lagrange cultural center and collaborates with the network of non-profit organizations in Bagnols, whose help enriches greatly the cultural program. Not only a factor of personal and economic fulfillment but also a factor of integration and harmonization in the heart of the City, culture is a domain which deserves our time and effort and the city of Bagnols works in this direction.


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Cour Saint-Maur
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