Famous People from Bagnols

Lévi Ben Gerson (1288-1344): Philosopher and scholar of the Middle Ages, member of the Jewish elite, his astronomy treatise was translated by Pope Clément VI. He is the inventor of an astronomy instrument called "Jacob’s staff" for measuring the position of celestial bodies and for observing eclipses

Jean-Baptiste Madier (1740-1824): Chemist who was fascinated by scientific progress, he built a hot-air balloon and repeated Pilâtre de Rozier's feat

Antoine Rivarol (1753-1801): Writer and philosopher known for his "Speech on the universality of the French language", he was a formidable polemicist, violently opposed to the French Revolution

Joseph-Dominique Magalon (1794-1867): In Paris, he enthusiastically used his literary talents to express his feelings regarding religious and political matters which won him a trip to prison. On returning to Bagnols, he encouraged mechanical printing and contributed to the drafting of the local newspapers

Louis-Auguste Cotton (1799-1871): Urban planner above all, he notably created the gardens and outdoor theatre which made their mark on the face of the city.

Joseph Thome (1809-1896): Rich and famous after carrying out the new town planning scheme of our capital alongside Haussmann, he was a great benefactor of the Bagnols citizens through his generosity

Léon Alègre (1813-1884): Humanist, self-taught, thirsty for knowledge, he left to discover the world. Poet, historian, archaeologist, he filled his notebooks with sketches and notes. He created Bagnols-sur-Cèze’s first cantonal museum and library.